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"Hi everyone ūüĎč I'm Kristy Sellars and I am the very proud founder of Enviro Grip.

I wanted to introduce myself here so you can put a face to the nameūüėĀ
I am extremely proud of this product that was about 9 months in the making. The formula itself is something we (my partner Sam and I) went back and forward multiple times with our chemists to get right. We also put a huge amount of thought into the bottle itself and the materials that would be used to create one that is biodegradable. 

We've even gone a step further to send all of our enviro grips out in compostable mailing bags made by another Aussie business! And I'm proud to say that 50 cents from every bottle is donated to charities working towards conserving our environment.

This grip represents more than a great product for me, it also marks the changes I've made in my own lifestyle and food consumption in general to reduce my carbon footprint. I still have a ways to go but you don't need to see the whole staircase to take the first step.

Thank you to everyone who has supported enviro grip already ūüíö"

[Below: Enviro Grip founder and Australia's Got Talent 2019 winner Kristy Sellars performing her semi-final routine]

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